Hey! I’m Stephen. I’m a software engineer, engineering manager, and former philologist living in Alexandria, LA, Waco, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Berlin, Germany.

I love building web apps, usually with Ruby, as well as writing about my many varied fascinations.

I currently work at Test IO.

Before that, I was at Penn Medicine, and before that I completed my Masters in Classical Studies (that’s Greek and Latin language, literature, history, culture, philosophy, etc.) at the University of Pennsylvania. As an academic, I focused on Greek philosophy and Roman poetry. As this website should attest, I love words and the ideas they signify—Classics was my first foray into this fascination. Beyond programming, I do philosophical cogitating, mathematical tinkering, TV watching, podcast listening, and the occasional sports playing.

In a poor nutshell, this is who I am. This website aims to be an honest portrayal of this complex, many-interests-bearing individual. Thus, the articles, projects, and topics range far and wide. You will find within computer code, philosophical treatises, learning resources, and various small fascinations. And I call this website Fractaled Mind precisely because it contains the seemingly chaotic, yet essentially interconnected thoughts and pursuits of my mind.

I’m on Twitter here @fractaledmind.